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Experience a different wilderness! Explore the beautiful waters of the Island of Anguilla. We offer diving and other adventures.  

Day Trips Offered Are: Trips to the Outer Islands
Boat Tours Prickly Pear
Private Charters Sandy Island
Snorkeling Scrub Island
Diving Dog Island
Fishing Expeditions Anguillita


    Douglas Carty is a native Anguillan who grew up by the ocean. He knows the local waters like no one else. That coupled with his professional level skill, makes him the only choice for diving. Doug has a dedicated following of experienced divers from all over the world who charter him for specialty dives, day trips, boat tours and fishing expeditions. Doug has spent years as the dive master for a PADI facility so he knows all about safe diving.

    "Doug is the greatest at spotting bottom creatures. He knows where all of them live. I swear he must be on a first name basis with each of them " – Peter, New York, New York

    "I love being onboard the "Desha". Doug is a skilled captain who always manages to put together the right group of people. My husband, 12-year-old son and I all have fun and adventure when we dive with him. I feel safe when we are with him" – Melody, Carimar Beach Club, Anguilla, B.W.I.

    "If you want great diving then charter Doug Carty and the "Desha" to take you to the outer islands. Doug knows every reef, every bottom, every crevice and every cave. He knows where all the fish and sea creatures live. When I go with Doug I see dolphin, sea horses, rays, turtles and shark. I wouldn’t dive with anyone else." – Patricia, Providence, Rhode Island

Safety is top priority with us

    "My whole family has been diving with Doug for the past 8 years, including each of the three kids as soon as they received their PADI certification at age 12. Like Joe Montana could see the entire football field at a glance, Doug sees the entire marine picture like no one else. His skills allow him to calmly locate everyone on the dive, ascertain their safety, and then show an astounded client the tiny arrowhead crab that was crawling, unnoticed, right in front of his goggles." – Pam, Wayzata, Minnesota

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